About the Book

The Five Frogs on Biscuit Bay

A children’s book by Tommy Piolata

with illustrations by David Cuccia

This is the story of a family of unique frogs looking for a better place to live. Their current area of habitat is a mess: The pond where they swim is not only too small for their growing families, but has become rather dirty as well. The surrounding forest has also become too dangerous for the frog families.

One night, a few of the young frogs overhear their parents and the other older frogs talking about the terrible situation and that they need to relocate. So Lia, the oldest of the kid frogs, decides to come up with a plan. She and Dom the Bomb (that’s his nickname) gather their relatives and the plan is put in motion.

Read along as this group of young frogs teaches us the values of courage and perseverance, and that families who stick together can accomplish anything.

Long live The Five Frogs on Biscuit Bay!